Share What Your Thankful for & Donate 5 Meals to Feeding America

Schwan’s an online grocery who offer over 350 products delivered straight to your home. From ice cream to seafood, Schwan's has it. Well this wonderful company is making a 250,000 meal donation, and each “thankful” that is shared will trigger a five-meal donation to Feeding America! They are also doing “Thankful Thursdays,” where meal donations to FA are doubled each Thursday for the length of program. This is a great way to help fight against … [Read more...]

Low cost Spay and Neuter

Here is a listing of places to find low cost spay and neuter procedures for your pets in the Broome County area. SPEAK – 607.729.7368 Animal Care Council 607.786.5740 (Cats Only) Spay and Neuter (Low cost discount offered): They offer a reduced cost spay or neuter program for households with a qualifying income, spay or neuter education, and financial assistance for the unusual need. Call 786-SPAY for more information. Please call for fee … [Read more...]

Rental Assistance

Find possible help with Rental Assistance, Emergency Housing, HUD, Eviction Prevention,  And Money For Security Deposits Broome County Social Services off assistance with emergency housing. Call 778-3123 36-38 Main St. Binhamton HUD Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.   Public housing is limited to low-income families and … [Read more...]

Fair Housing–It’s Your Right!

Fair Housing--It's Your Right! Learn about HUD's Fair Housing Act and your fair housing rights. To put a "human face" on the issue of housing discrimination. Watch the videos each tells an up-close and personal story of how individuals have been affected by housing discrimination (based on disability, race, or familial status) and what they did to take action to stop this. Each video is based on a real life experience and seeks not only to … [Read more...]

Our Site Will Be Filled With More Resources Soon

Still a brand new site and I have lot to share. Just give me sometime and I will have loads of resources for everyone. … [Read more...]

FREE Prescription Glasses Just Pay Shipping

Glasses don't have to be over pricey nor do you have to settle for Medicaid glasses if that's your only option just because you can't afford hundreds of dollars for a pair you like. They no longer offer free glasses. For sometime now the company called has been giving people there first pair of glasses off their site for free and you only pay shipping. I ordered and only paid $9.95 total! No other fees and No hidden costs. Just … [Read more...]

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