List of Free Cell Phones With Free Talk and Text

List of free cell phones for low income families with free talk and text. These phones are 100% free text and free minutes. This list has government supported programs that provide a free cell phone and minutes each month for anyone who is income eligible. Eligible persons must meet certain eligibility requirements rules by each State that the service is provided. Requirements are based on Federal support programs or by Income Poverty Guidelines.

List of Free Cell Phones With Free Talk and Text

The basic service for a government supported cell phone usually works like this. Once you have applied and are approved you may receive a free basic cell phone along with 250 free minutes each month plus texts. Additionally you may get free voice mail, caller ID and call waiting. These service planes will also let you purchase additional low cost minutes.

If your household already receives Lifeline assistance for another phone than you can’t receive a Lifeline cell phone without cancelling the other phone. A household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple companies. Violation of the “One Lifeline Phone Per Household Rule” may result in your Lifeline service being terminated, and you could be prosecuted. You  also have to recertify each to show you are still qualified for this program.

Farther down the page I also have listed other cell phone companies that are not government supported, but offer free talk, text and data. For these companies you would have to purchase the phone an then get the free plan. Read more about them below.

Free Government Cell Phones Along With Free Talk & Text

  1. Assurance Wireless
  2. Access Wireless
  3. American Assistance
  4. Budget Mobile
  5. EnTouch Wireless
  6. Life Wireless
  7. NewPhone Wireless
  8. QLink Wireless
  9. ReachOut Wireless
  10. SafeLink Wireless 
  11. StandUp Wireless
  12. Tag Wireless
  13. Total Call Mobile (look under the Lifeline tab)
  14. Your Tel Wireless

Cell Phones You Purchase That Come With Free Talk, Text and Data (Anyone can purchase)

  1. Scratch Wireless offers a $99 amazing smartphone I personally own! (you can read my Scratch Wireless review here and see what the phone looks like too). The catch is that voice, data and texting is always FREE while connected to a WiFi network. However texting is always 100% free whether you are connected to a wireless network or not. This is wonderful because it seems no matter where you go there is free WiFi to use. But if you feel you need to purchase talk time because your not picking up any free WiFi, well there are pay as you go plans that start at $1.99. Scratch Wireless is the best one under this section.
  2. FreedomPop offers top brand smartphones at different prices that you purchase with an almost free plan. For $4.99 a month you get local phone number, access 10 million hotspots nationwide that makes you able to get unlimited talk, text, and WiFi just under $5 a month!


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Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with the Lifeline service or the wireless carries listed above. I am only sharing this information collected to help people looking for free and cheaper cell phone service.

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